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ទំព័រដើមអំពីសារមន្ទីរប្រវត្តិសារមន្ទីរសាលពិព័រណ៍សាលពិព័រណ៍ពត៌មានMaterial and Process GalleryTranditional Textile GalleryContemporary Trend GalleryCollectionCambodiaIndiaLaosMyanmarThailandVietnamShopPlan your visitHours and AdmissionActivitiesThe Power of SixMuseum Workshop and ActivitiesVisitorsContact Us
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Hours and Admission

Galleries are open every day except Tuesday from 8.30 A.M. to 4.00 P.M.
Entrance Fee: 3 US$
1000 Riels (For Cambodian Visitor)
Free Entry for Children under 10 years.

Museum will be closed on Khmer holidays:

- Khmer New Year (14-16 April)
- Vissak Buja *
- Royal Birthday King of Cambodia (13-15 May)
- Pchum Ben Day *
- H.M. King Father (Commemoration Day) (15 October)
- Water Festival *
* According to yearly Cambodian Calendar

Universal Access

Guided Tour of MGCATTM available on request

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