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Orientation Gallery
The Orientation Gallery lets the visitors explore the myth of the river Ganga and significance of Mekong in the socio cultural context. The evidence of the presence of Ganga the sacred river along the west side of Mekong highlights the significance of the two great rivers in relation to each other. The myths of the sacred river Ganga as a divine form known as Vishnupadi, a celestial anthropomorphic form as consort of Shiva, an earthly form as wife of king Shantanu and mother of Devavrata also known as Bhishma of Mahabharata and a physical form as the river are described in Ganga Pat.

Ganga the goddess, the beautiful damsel in the center, with the small roundels around a central square frame describe important episodes from her life. The Ganga Pat is unique because the traditional Pata Chitra artists from Village Raghurajpur in Puri Orissa paint on Tussar silk the themes from Krishanalila, Ramayana, Mahabharata etc. The Ganga pat speaks of the high skills of this living textile tradition.

The Mekong river section speaks of the journey of the Mekong River through five countries, which have common religion, food habits but distinct cultural traits. Living traditions of textile in Mekong Ganga region speak volumes about the intricate skills of local communities in the member countries and also of revival and resurgence of the yester years styles in contemporary framework. Textiles have a long journey to represent in each member country.
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