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Each country has its own varieties of silk cocoon. Cambodia and Vietnam have gold cocoon feeding on the mulberry. India has Tussar, Endi/Eri, Muga varieties. Siem Reap is the gateway town to Angkor Park, where each of the monuments show many narratives from Hindu and Buddhist mythology. The carvings on the walls and the sculptures in the monuments speak volumes about the Angkor traditional textiles. But the drapes, styles etc. of the textiles on these carving and sculptures do not relate to the texture, colors, materials, vibrancy etc. of the textiles. Siem Reap the city of historic temples is the major tourists' attraction, as the world heritage site of Angkor Park. The footfall coming to Siem Reap makes the city the right place to have a textiles museum showcasing traditions from six countries.
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It was quite fine experience for me to see many countries textiles. I hope I’ll come again.


Nagoya City, Japan

Very relaxing exhibition ……… Thanks!

Soyaon Kim


Excellent initiative and interesting visit for the conservation of craft textile and silk and see the variety of motives. Opening in nocturne would also be a good opportunity offering for visitors.
Thank you!

Darith N. @ADC /All Dreams Cambodia


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